Global Twitch Emotes

Enjoy emotes all over the web.

Download on ChromeFirefox, and Opera.

Global Twitch Emotes
Global Twitch Emotes
Twitch Culture Wherever You Go!
Use and see emotes on any and all sites across the web!
Supports Global and Subscriber Emotes!
Global emotes, such as "Kappa" and "PogChamp", as well as any and all sub channel emotes wherever you go!
Supports BetterTTV Global and Channel Emotes!
Enjoy your favourite BetterTTV emotes! Also supports channel-specific BetterTTV emotes like "monkaS"!
Supports FrankerFaceZ Global and Channel Emotes!
And FrankerFaceZ emotes too! Global and channel-specific FFZ emotes everywhere you go!
Supports Unicode Emojis!
BetterTTV's Unicode emoji :shortnames: are replaced with their corresponding icons! Now isn't that swell?


Add Your Own Emotes!
Still not satisfied? You can even add custom emotes!
Website and Emote Filtering!
Disable (or exclusively enable) certain emotes! You can also define which websites you want Global Twitch Emotes to run on.
Is Global Twitch Emotes Open Source?
Yes! Source code can be found here.
I Want This on Mobile!
A Firefox Android version of Global Twitch Emotes can be downloaded here. As of right now, no other Android browser is supported.
How Do I Change my Global Twitch Emotes Settings?
1. On Chrome or Opera, type about://extensions into your address bar and hit enter. On Firefox, the address is about:addons.
2. Scroll down to the Global Twitch Emotes extension and click on its corresponding Options button.
How Do I Enable A Certain Emote?
All emotes, whether being from, BetterTTV, or FrankerFaceZ, fall into one of two categories: Channel or Global. 

Channel emotes are specific to certain channels. Examples of such emotes include "(ditto)" and "monkaS".
Global emotes exist across all channels. Examples of these are "Kappa", "ZreknarF", and "SourPls".

1. Find out which category your emote falls under above. This may involve looking up the emote you want on TwitchEmotes.comBetterTTV, or FrankerFaceZ.
2. Head to the Global Twitch Emotes settings page as described above. 
3. If your emote is a global emote, then under Emotes & Channels, select the appropriate emote host and tick the box that enables its global emotes.
4. If your emote is a channel emote, then under Emotes & Channels, select the appropriate emote host and tick the box that enables channel emotes. Then, add an entry to the Channels  table and type in the name of the channel which has that emote. Image Example.
5. Don't forget to save!