Fake Steam Chat Generator

The two Steam chatboxes below operate (almost) identically to the actual Steam client's chatbox. Typing into a textbox and hitting 'Send' will send the message to the other chatbox.

The settings panels below each box let you set usernames and avatars, change the online status, and more!

All Steam emotes are also supported! Simply type an emote into the textbox (e.g. :steammocking:) as you would normally.

You can also resize each box individually by dragging on its bottom-right corner.

Once you're finished, click on the 'Publish' tab and download the chatbox to your computer! You can also upload your chatbox directly to Imgur!

Note: This tool is best used on a desktop PC.

Note Note: Ostrich Tools is not responsible for any content created with this tool, nor the actions of anyone using it.